Founded by Michael Leahy, EGR Software in addition to providing consulting services focuses on long term R&D with several initiatives moving toward realization. A primary goal has always been to combine cutting edge technical development with the arts. This led to an early and continuing fascination with large scale spatial audio further leading to a solid foundation in computer graphics out of a necessity to visualize 3D spatial concepts at hand. An ongoing initiative is to create an integrated software / hardware platform for spatial audio that addresses the entire production chain from providing composers & producers the tools necessary to create, perform, and distribute spatial content to also aid enabling all venues from commercial to home audiences in experiencing the future of immersive media. TyphonRT™ is the first stage of our expanding solutions providing a modular cross-platform runtime & software development kit (SDK) for rich media app and custom hardware creation. Our aim is to provide an integrated development platform open to everyone that makes creative software & hardware development easier and more manageable from indie developers to large enterprises.

8 channel installation at Supperclub SF

3D model of "The Bubble" / EGR studios 32 speaker array

"The Bubble" / EGR studios 32 speaker array

"The Bubble" / EGR studios 32 speaker array

"The Bubble" / EGR studios 32 speaker array

Unknown artists interpretation of spherical harmonics

8 channel 50kW array at Burning Man '03 - SolSystem

8 channel 50kW array at Burning Man '03 - SolSystem

7.2 array at BM '05 - Sol Flower

8 channel array at FnF campout


(Coming Soon) TyphonRT™ is a modular runtime middleware platform with a client SDK for app development that delivers a new approach to creating desktop J2SE, Android, and cross-platform OpenGL/ES apps. The architecture is based on data oriented design concepts with a primary focus on COP (component oriented programming) as a central organizational mechanism versus traditional OOP approaches. Any app class from real time app & game development to business / enterprise is supported. TyphonRT features a library of components and a future goal is the launch of a component marketplace that eventually will be open to all developers including 3rd parties who may distribute and sell open source or commercial components compatible with TyphonRT.

Software / Hardware Consulting

EGR Software offers software and hardware consulting services by a 3rd party contract at an hourly rate appropriate for the job at hand. With a focus on mobile first, web second, and finally the desktop EGR Software has experience with all major platforms. We can provide services that span the conception to detailed implementation of your product allowing us to work with anyone from business management to product designers and engineers. Our particular specialities include cross-platform UI / UX and advanced client application development. Past notable clients include Amazon and DeviceAnywhere. Click this link to get in email contact with us at: contact[-a*T^]egrsoftware.com (remove spam block).

Resume / Linked In

Michael Leahy has 20 years of software development experience extending all the way back to '92 when he first got online at the tail end of the BBS era and started programming with C making graphics demos. With the explosion of the Internet he next turned to web programming and with a twist of fate at his first internship the summer before attending California Polytechnic University (SLO) for a computer science degree he was tasked with investigating Java. Professionally Michael has worked with Java since '96 with an emphasis on client side development using all the major graphics APIs starting with Netscape's IFC, Java2D / Swing, OpenGL/ES, all JDK versions including all versions of the Android OS. In 2003 TyphonRT was born and continues today. He first started working with hardware development in '07 creating an initial prototype for an Ambisonic spatial audio processor using uClinux, Blackfin, and a Sharc combo. This initial hardware experience is continuing onward with prototype work with various boards that run Android (ODROID-XU).